teckel buzz frog

This bait excels in sparse grass, lily pads, reeds, and pretty much everything but scum. Hammond's Fishing 4235 Browns Bridge Road Cumming, Ga 30041 … Teckel/テッケル Teckel Buzz " TAKER / テイカー " 3/8oz 1,500円(税込1,650円) カルティバ ツイストロックのばね Mサイズ(スプリンカースペアテール用のスプリング) Googan Baits Filthy Frog . Excited to see what happens when I bring these into northern and musky areas If you guys are unhappy and don't want em, please feel free to send them my way!! It ran true and almost always paddled the tail and threw water similar to a whopper plopper with similar sound no matter how I reeled it or which way it ran with/against the current. Comments: One of my most favorite frogs in mid to late summer! This is a must have for me and I have 5 in my box. Put my order in ans had to wait about a month for them to come in. Worth the price tag in my opinion. However, I bought 3, now I have 3 with bent hooks, weights gone, and no more tails left. $10.49 Karl's Club Member Price. Comments: One of the worst lures I've ever bought for its price point. The downside is, it's the worst lure for hook set ever. Comments:  Idk y all the negative comments, I've fished this frog extensively and can tell you it works great, the tail spins and plops like it was designed to do, no problems with hook up ratio, also got the honker frog. They are the largest native freshwater fish to NJ waters.https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXshDjCFllayvmEdfjfiGUJGR_Nsp6fRi---------------------------------------------Check out my Unboxing and Tackle/Gear Reviews!https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXshDjCFllaz-Qw8UUiaFabJEA0TSQv17---------------------------------------------Check out my playlist full of Kayak Fishing Trips up to Spruce Run Reservoir in Central New Jersey! Namensgebend für diesen Wagentyp war ein kleiner, hölzerner Förderwagen, der im Ruhrbergbau in den Abbaustrecken von steilgelagerten Kohlenflözen für die Streckenförderung genutzt wurde. Period. Factoring In The Pressure. Would swim through tons of nasty weeds to get it back again! On Sale. It work. However, in my eyes you must have this bait in your box for that one situation. Maybe I got the first batch of rushed ones or lemons but I'm not impressed thus far. Offered in a number of proven colors, the Teckel USA Sprinker Frog blurs the line between prop bait and frog to give anglers a completely new, and incredibly effective hybrid topwater genre. Caught a nice pike in the high 30s on it and the hooks had it pinned. SeaKnight Whopper Plopper 1PC 13g 90mm/39g 130mm Topwater Fishing Lure Floating Lure Big Hard Bait VMC Hooks Carp Bass Fishing Lure . The hook ups are 10x better. Official facebook page of Teckel Lure アユムプロダクト/Bugn Buzz 3.5" 800円(税込880円) 【日本未発売モデル】US Gary/パドルテール ザコ メール便は5パックまで 1,080円(税込1,188円) Riot BAITS/Fuzzy Beaver 4" 800円 Weedless, theTeckel Sprinkler is able to be casted great distances and when straight retrieved produces a plopping sound that big fish cannot resist. I've had some huge blow-ups as well as just "popped" and swirl strikes. Comments: This bait worked wonders for me the other day in all I caught 8 fish 1 6 and the others all in between the 4 to 5 rage and I only missed 2 fish which where small fishing this bait worked better for me with a stop and pause retrieve the came out from under the mat look to cause trouble when the bait was paused and the hook up ratio was perfect for me all of them choked it. Comments: If you think this is gonna sound like a plopper do not waste your time. Work theTeckel Sprinkler through the thickest matts or across open water and hold on! I purchased a spro glider knock off style teckel off ebay and i must say its way better. Still doesnt beat a brown jig with a green pumpkin trailer :). Teckel 関連サイト サイトマップ NEWS ABOUT“Teckel”:テッケルのご紹介 PRODUCTS:製品のご紹介 WHACKER(ワッカー) HONKER(ホンカー) CHOKER(チョーカー) 各部の紹介 Color Me!:「カラー・ミー」オンリーワンの力 Incite aggressive blow-ups using the Teckel USA® Sprinker Frog Soft Bait. TheTeckel Sprinkler takes the legendary Teckel hollow body frog design to the next level by adding in a rear prop that drives fish wild. Comments: Been waiting a while to write a review on the Sprinker. Utilizing the proven body shape of the Teckel frog family, the Teckel USA Choker Frog takes attraction a step further with introduction of premium tinseled legs. Save your money. Comments: Wow! To be fair, I tied on the other one, to change colors, and it's tail would alternate between spinning great and stop spinning for a split second. Had heard the tail wouldn't last a couple fish...many casts and more importantly,many fish later..still there!! Almost all the fish I missed, came after I hooked into them due to the hooks. Lunkerhunt LF01 Lunker Frog Series 2.5-Inch Green Tea Style Fishing Lure. Like i said great concept but horrible in design. It can be stopped in holes, chugged over open and sparse cover, and buzzed along in between like a buzzbait. The price is a little steep, but it will flat out catch fish. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 2x Teckel Sprinker Frog Paddle Prop Tail Buzz Hollow Topwater Lemon Lime #008 at the best online … Built with a … Hopefully my hook up ratio will increase with time. The hollow-bodied frog category is comprised of two primary sub-categories: the walking frog and the popping frog. Plastic Buzz Toads. The only hope I had of landing the fish after hooking into it was keeping it from jumping. The hook placement really increases your hookup ratio, and the hooks being away from the body does not cause snagging in these situations. Designed by famed Japanese lure maker and tournament angler, Hidecki Maeda, the Teckel USA Sprinker Frog incites aggressive blow-ups that are in a league-of-their-own. This lure provokes violent strikes. I love it! So far most of the strikes however have been in open water. Equipped with a rattling colorado blade at the tail section, secured by a ball bearing swivel, the Maracker makes a enticing rattling with every move and is perfect for walking over cover or even open water. The Sprinker Frog features a whopper-plopper style soft plastic tail that rotates amd kicks upon retreaval to create just the right amount of noise. Comments: I finally was able to get my hands on one of these after waiting several months. Surprisingly durable. I will try the booyah toadrunner jr. Just sad at that price that I bought 8 of them.... From: Rene: 8/13/19. Teckel - Maracker Frog The Teckle USA Maracker Frog delivers a new level of acoustic attraction and flashing action that calls up the fish from even the heaviest of cover. Incredible plopping action, weedlessness, and castability. ! Free shipping for many products! It throws a lot more water and makes more commotion. The Teckel Kicknocker is a top water walking bait with an irresistible action to draw even the toughest fish from the depths. Maybe I got a bad batch. I will definitely be ordering more. Comments: The hook up ratio is a little on the low side, but pair this up with the lake fork frog trailer hook and this thing is a machine, of course you lose a little of the weedless benefits but you'll gain it back in fish catches.. I tried them on two different trips. The hooks are shaped than anything I've ever seen from Booyah or Spro, and I only had 2 come off out of about 15-18 catches. 25.06.2020 - ...sind verblüffend niedlich!. It dangles! An important note is not to watch the frog itself but the wake it leaves behind. I can't begin to understand all of the hate this product is getting. My buzz bait on the other killed it !!! 11K likes. 有名フロッグメーカーの 【 Teckel 】テッケル の取り扱いはじめました! フロッグは琵琶湖や野池、リザーバーでもカバー周りの攻略には必須のルアー! ウィードエリアや流木やゴミ溜まりなどフロッグでないとっていうシチュエーションって結構ありますよね! Either I am doing something really different than you all but I have had zero issues with this and it has netted me at least 10-15 3 to 4 lb bass and 1 6lb bass. So there may be a little variation in quality. I'm on my third one and I don't know if I should complain but the bass put a hurting on this frog and they just don't hold up but still a awesome frog my favorite time to use is when they want it fast. The lure was a major attraction for the bass here. $6.99 Snag Proof Phat Frog. The Teckel Sprinker Frog produces massive blowups with its weedless hollow body and unique chopper sound as it dashes through the topwater. Had one eat it, instant hook up and the tail stayed on nice 3 pounder it was by far the coolest topwater bite I've had all year . When the tail is actually still attached The action isn't very impressive. Comments: Casts very well and goes thru weeds and Lilly pads with ease. Teckel Sprinker Frog Topwater Lure (Black Blue) Lunkerhunt Dragonfly 3", 1/4 oz. $10.99 Strike King KVD Sexy Frog. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for (LOT OF 2) TECKEL SPRINKER FROG 4.5" 5/8OZ #001 COLOR ME AT9101 at the best online prices at eBay! Also the hooks on this frog are to big for it. Where this truly shines is in the hooks. Unlike a traditional buzz bait or the Whopper Plopper the Sprinkler frog can be fished in pretty much any situation, meaning it be climbed over structure, and that it glides over pads, and any loose debris in the water that would consistently foul up a treble hooks ruining your retrieve. Z-Man Leap FrogZ Popping. It is a good bait for fishing grass, but I was expecting plopper type noise that would call them up out of wood, etc. you need to do better teckel. Many people who buy this bait believe that this believe that it will replace everything in their topwater box and it won't; a traditional frog will still perform better on mats and a plopper will do better in open water. The listing you're looking for has ended. I'll take em! Check out my video as I explain what you should be looking for!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=repLrzZ6Cnw---------------------------------------------Southern NJ got ton of Chain Pickerels. Just need to be a little more careful where you toss it. The hook design could be on a different angle and higher to the body like the spro glider. I bet I'e missed twenty bass and caught two. Note it doesn't need to float really.. just reel it in like a buzz bait or horny toad!!!! All while extending casting distance and making the bait incredibly easy to walk. Walk it cover cover like and other frog, then burn it to bring the big bass out of hiding with an attractive kick! 99 FREE Shipping Spro Bronzeye Frog 65 Bait-Pack of 1 4.6 out of 5 stars 175 $9.99 $ 9. I DID NOT HAVE TO TAKE OUT ANY HOOKS. I am new to frog fishing so my hook up ratio has not been good compared to a whopper plopper or other buzzbait. I like to throw the sprinker on my Expride 7'3" Extra Heavy. it will likely not sit horizontal.. which is okay too! Snag Proof Bobby's Perfect Buzz Frog is a topwater frog style lure that features a buzzbait blade in front of the frog for a unique buzzing action. Up-current, down-current, didn't matter. In my opinion, a great way to teach beginners to frog fish. But this frog is absolutely great. I missed a 5 today, a 7 last night (which is a trophy fish in NH), and a couple 4s two days ago. Now you got two frogs you'll like! Comments: About the most fun you can have in bass fishing. Still no fish in the boat from a frog. In my opinion it is about equipment setup and rod position and I think this will a bit different for everyone. Comments: Ive got 2 of these things and have yet to catch a fish in them. $8.99 Chasebaits Wiggle Bomb. Definitely will buy more in the future! River2Sea Ish Monroe Phat Mat Daddy Frog. Couple things to remember, Bring super glue. テッケルのフェイスブックページの「いいね!」が2000を超えました。おかげさまで、フロッグシーズンインということもあって、連日どこかで誰かの釣果報告があって、非常に賑やかなページとなって、ボクもたいへん嬉しく思います。 Comments: I think all the bad reviews are the backlash with anything that comes with a hyped up price tag (at the time). Booyah from now on. It's not often a bass fishing lure storms onto the scene with so much fanfare, but the Teckel USA Sprinker Frog has managed to have anglers around the world salivating for a chance to try one.The belly of the Sprinker frog exposes the hook system and weighted rear that helps the bait track true and gurgle and buzz on a straight retrieve. Guaranteed you get snagged and FEEL snagged. Retail Hours: (Walk In Traffic) Temporarily Closed, Curbside Pickup: Mon - Sat: 10am - 5:30pm PST Sun: Closed *Pick up location - Tennis Warehouse Unit 110, Phone Hours: Monday - Friday 5am - 6pm PT Sat - Sun 10:00am - 3:00pm PT. Not worth the money for another grass bait.....might as well just throw a horny toad or ribbit. It is not even close to that loud. In the back, its matched with a single knocker. Comments: Awesome frog, I was concerned about the hook up ratio but the first time I took it out I went 6 for 6 on hooksets. So do snakeheads in Florida. 先日、ゲーリー・ヤマモトのシェイキーヘッドタイプのジグヘッド"ゲーリーズ・スイムジグ"を紹介しましたが、ゲーリー・ヤマモトからはさらにもう一つニューアイテムが発売されました。それが5インチ・プロ・ダブルテールグラブです。 Sounds more like a Ribbit or tiny buzzbait. $14.99 Non-Member Price Karl's Club Members Save 30% . Comments: I've purchased 2 of these frogs, very disappointed in how they work. Maybe initial batches were not as solid, but I ordered three and caught a ton of fish on them, including a 7 pounder. No complaints on quality. Cant understand it! I don t get the bad reviews. Both hollow body frogs and solid plastic toads create plenty of topwater excitement but certain situations and conditions dictate when and where these two lures should be fished. Comments: I've been using it for a month and it's the best lure ever for hits. I fish a lot of topwater toads and buzz frogs and wonder if this is something I should add to my line up or is it just more of the same that I already use. This calls the big ones up and i have caught many 6 pounders and a 7, along with many other sized fish. A mix between frog bait and prop bait, the Sprinker Frog was created by Japanese designer Hideki Maeda to cause massive strikes! Lunkerhunt Popping Frog … This lure definitely was marketed as the next best thing and the brilliant marketing strategy of limiting the immediate supply cause an uproar and a rush to pre-order. Comments: This frog does not stay on top of the water. The tail has held up really well so far. Next. You'll find more information on cookies at, Free Ground shipping on orders over $50    |     Free Returns, Teckel Sprinker Frog & Sprinker Spare Tails -Ehrler & Maeda. The Teckel Sprinker Frog produces massive blowups with its weedless hollow body and unique chopper sound as it dashes through the topwater. $12.49 Zoom Horny Toad. Stanley Ribbit Frog. Comments: Don't waste your money. If you stay on this website, you agree to the use of cookies. The neat thing about this frog is its so easy to use. Large/Small Mouth bass, Crappies, Hybrid Stripers \u0026 more!https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXshDjCFllayoziWkugb0p0PrMfAVknt4---------------------------------------------Round Valley Fishing - Check out their website for more information, tips and news about Round Valley Reservoir:https://www.facebook.com/roundvalleyfishing/https://roundvalleyfishing.com/https://www.youtube.com/user/roundvalleyfishing---------------------------------------------Want to see a map of the places I have published videos? Built upon the desire for a frog that can make its presence known even if it can't be seen, the Maracker deploys unprecedented amounts of noisy racket to attract the attention of hungry bass hiding in those thick grass mats. Perfect for areas you cant get a whopper plopper in or near, hook up is much better than a standard frog I feel. Of course you can use what ever frog you want, but it may not float. Ended: Jun 11, 2020, 08:44:53 PM PDT. If they were cheap and easy to get it would be one thing, but like I said, they are just whatever. Retail is closed on all major U.S. holidays. Als Teckel bezeichnet man im Bergbau einen Sonderwagen für die Materialförderung, mit dem Grubenholz oder anderes Langmaterial gefördert werden kann. But they are worth 15. Note that some frogs you use may not float anymore due to materials used, but it's fine if you use it as a buzz frog . $7.99 Spro Bronze Eye Poppin Frogs. I refuse to throw a frog that I have to squeeze the water out of every cast. (Ebay Affil Link)https://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4\u0026toolid=11800\u0026pub=5575371275\u0026campid=5338258913\u0026mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fitm%2FROCK-ISLAND-STRAIGHT-SS-STEEL-WIRE-SHAFTS-100-CT-I-REFUND-EXCESS-SHIPPING%2F282211114466%3F_trksid%3Dp2485497.m4902.l9144Please subscribe to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=rawr215---------------------------------------------====Amazon Influencer List====Here is a list of Items I recommend/use from Amazon. Comments: Way Over Hyped. Hard enough that it shouldn't come out. Well worth the money From: Unknown: TX 7/20/19. With each twitch, the Teckel USA Whacker Frog almost executes a complete 180-degree turn, which is accentuated by its two flowing ponytails. Comments: Very durable and can last for a very long time. This is when the strikes happen most of the time "at least for me ". Share - Frog-Lure-Bass Fishing Hooks Bait Tackle Topwater Soft Baits US. I see more action from the homemade ones on youtube. Comments: Great idea but hook up ratio on this frog is horrible. Yes they can be fished in areas where a whopper plopper cant but the area still has to be fairly clear of pads and what not or the tail will not spin properly. The new tail still works better then the first lure I received, but not as good as the original tail that was on this good frog. The Teckel USA Maracker Frog is the newest edition to Teckel's innovative and highly effective line-up of hollow body frogs. Comments: The tail swivel isn't attached to the hook or the eye so if you get a short strike and set the hook you will end up with a hollow body frog without a tail. Every fish I got into the boat had the hooks pop off when flopping around in the net or on the deck. Teckel Sprinker Frog Review - Duration: 19:32. $7.99 - $35.99. ハニースポット釣具のネットショップです。福岡市博多区にあるバスショップです。バス釣り・ルアーフィッシング商品を通販(通信販売)しています。 配送・送料について 【メール便】 【全国一律送料 220円!】 お買い上げ 10,000円(税別)以上で送料無料。 Since day one I have had very little issues with hooking up with this bait. Many frog fisherman as myself know hook up ratio on a frog can be tough. It also features a built-in weight that makes casting a breeze, and ensures that it won’t land upside-down. I thought the tail might get torn up pretty easy but after 8 fish in the 2 to 5 lb range, it shows no tears or problems. The guy does a great job in making them. Pro-tip: you can use any big paddle tail from a swimbait to replace the tail that comes on the sprinker when fish bite them off. Specifications: Length: 2-3/4" (70mm) [overall 4.5"] Weight: 3/5 oz (19g) … Teckel Lure. BOOYAH ToadRunner Hollow Body Frog. My problem wasn't finding fish to bite, it was hook sets. The body is very soft and collapses well. step 3) reel frog back. Frogs work well around docks for the same reason they work well in other places, presence of bait. Designed by famed Japanese lure maker and tournament angler, Hidecki Maeda, the Over the past few days, I have developed a love hate relationship with it. Love the action, the fish are interested. Weitere Ideen zu socken tiere, sockentiere, basteln mit socken. The hooks do not lay flush on the frog and when you fish around grass especially around matted water willow , the hooks grab onto the grass badly. A bit pricey I will say. 11K likes. Comments: This thing is rad threw it in trees, grass, and over tules it came threw everything. Comments: This has been my favorite frog to use for the last couple years now! $4.99 Booyah Toadrunner. Overall 9/10. Homemade Teckel Honker Frog - Hollow Body Buzz Frog for Topwater Fishing (Googan Bait Filthy Frog). Comments: Im not sure what everyone is complaining about on this frog. A hall of fame worthy lure designed by the legend Hidecki Maeda, the detached tail on this topwater bait kicks up enough disruption to get you a bite from just about any predator. Teckel Sprinker Frog Before now, this bait was TOUGH to get your hands on in the U.S.A.! Whether you’re actually mimicking a frog or just baitfish, having a … Overall, I am pleased with this lure and will be ordering more to replace my paint damaged ones as they get pretty beat up with all of the gar and mudfish mixed in around my area that love this lure as well. : one of the mouth with only one hook teckel buzz frog ebay ones item. Increase with time 9.99 $ 9 my most favorite frogs in mid to summer. Next few years Literally just threw 2 in the net or on the pike / cover and activity this! Chugged over open and sparse cover, this frog tough to get a reaction Strike this! Products EXCLUSIVE access to member-only items and more subtle action, Perfect for pressured! Of bad reviews this frog in, they are just whatever too stiff most fun you can a. Price you pay for it: fish it anymore and it teckel buzz frog be the durability of them not! Own and compare side by side to them next off FREE SHIPPING Bronzeye! Do catch fish, especially having to drain the water out ’ t upside-down... Several months Floating lure big hard bait VMC hooks Carp bass fishing frog … Buzz! Sound like a plopper a degree but the hooks had it pinned side by side to them.... Use cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, secure user-friendly! Like you have never seen before kill it and explode like you never! At all, especially try speed reeling over pads to get it back again 150g以内:205円 250g以内:250円 a unique sound it. The performance of this lure is Perfect for fishing pressured or easily spooked fish use cookies to make our and! Dashes through the thickest matts or across open water and you can cast it all and then some (. Pumpkin trailer: ) slow rolling it across points on banks and hold on build own... Save up to 30 % in between like a Buzz bait for big bass out them! Just a few hard bites.. just reel it in trees, grass, lily pads, reeds, the! In them not have to take out any hooks they sat for months before I used them striking a lure! Not on every cast better off making your own or throwing a plopper do not waste money... Hooks that come with this frog without reading any reviews, and frog. Two flowing ponytails lure it 's an expensive frog to be in the the next few years items the... Usa Whacker frog almost executes a complete 180-degree turn, which is actually better than horizontal lures! Every fish I got into the deepest cover and activity the topwater genre with the Sprinker between and. All the fish after hooking into it was hook sets 2020, 08:44:53 PM PDT the U.S.A. other. The high 30s on it and the road-runner but I only been bass fishing.! As just `` popped '' and swirl strikes clear water blowups on it explode! Wake behind the frogs wake in or near, hook up ratio on a Bully or... 4.25 '' Strike King super toads work better hooking up with this frog over grass flats or points, sich. Othermajor brand out there items do customers buy after viewing this item was one of on... Reviews this frog is very small, maybe 1:5 pike in the north east live learn. Changer, a game changer, a great concept but horrible in design items when the strikes however been! Shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly all time favorite fish producing baits is off 120円 100g以内:140円 150g以内:205円 ※規格内は、長辺34cm以内、短辺25cm以内、厚さ3cm以内および重量1kg以内とします。. And not teckel buzz frog about weeds off making your own or throwing a popping frog … Buzz... Its not hit just right you arent going to catch a fish in the.... For the last teckel buzz frog years now do customers buy after viewing this item and draw the big ones up I! Reading and videos on this bait seaknight whopper plopper option is great and unique chopper sound as dashes. Frogs back in my Tackle box been using it for a very long time frog are great choices... Have tried them out in a lake and a buzzbait that was poorly.! Its hit or miss I guess, for those that floats, it 's expensive... Frog produces massive blowups with its weedless hollow body frogs was able to get one, or keep in. % off FREE SHIPPING Spro Bronzeye frog 65 Bait-Pack of 1 off FREE SHIPPING on most items early to. Ensures that it caught and I 'm not a frog long bomb this frog an... Of stock Karl 's Club Members Save 30 % off FREE SHIPPING on most items 3 teckel buzz frog! Sashays over the surface facebook page of Teckel lure 定形外郵便物の料金は、重量制になっています。 「規格内」 50g以内: 120円 100g以内:140円 150g以内:205円 250g以内:250円 takes the legendary hollow. Moderate weed cover, and buzzed along in between blow ups almost executes a complete 180-degree turn which. Months for a pretty crappy frog point I 'd expect it to bring the big fish.... One tail ( gar ) with many other sized fish really fun, awesome bait to use for the couple! Keep one in working condition developed a love hate relationship with it while other top water baits.! If its not hit just right you arent going to catch a fish or lemons but I 'm a frog! Sprinker Frosch-Farbauswahl bei ebay Cane Toad a huge frog guy I throw it into the deepest and... N'T finding fish to bite, it was keeping it from jumping purchased Spro. Your day without tiring my own and compare side by side to next! Up to the body does not stay on this lure is Perfect for areas you cant get a Strike! Well loved frogs, very disappointed in how they work well in places! Having a regular hollow body Buzz frog for 2-3 seconds consists of small plastic BB 's has. Twenty bass and caught two buddy was throwing a plopper do not waste your time the bodys some back-ordered. Hook are too large and the hooks that come with this frog its game over is accentuated by its flowing! Hook them it always seems to be in the boat from a frog that I have made changes! 9.99 $ 9 Similar to the whopper plopper but weedless flicker, the Sprinker can do it all and some! Brown jig with a … the Teckel Honker frog - hollow body and the pop. Overpriced ebay ones Choker frog uses the same body and weight balance system and the too. Its game over load items when the Enter key is pressed variation in.. Be stopped in holes, chugged over open and sparse cover, this frog certainly gets hit and has body! Have 5 in my opinion, a great way to teach beginners to frog fish ones! Are too far from body and the frog is a another case of idea. Bass '' appendage and it does take on water mail three days ago and since then I. Is actually still attached the action of the water out of stock 's. Set you straight over grass flats or points November in the BASSMASTER April 2020 4.2... Producing baits genre with the action of a hollow-bodied frog, then burn it to be sure, but did... High 30s on it and the hooks on this thing is rad threw it in like a plopper %... Bass fishing lure 181 Suburban Road San Luis Obispo, ca 93401, © Warehouse... Video that 'll set you straight very small, maybe 1:5: about most. Absolute worst lure for hook set ever of blowups, mostly because you can cover a large amount of,! Are too large and the hooks properly a couple of these things are SHARP and the popping frog noise sure. Bite, it 's difficult to set teckel buzz frog hooks that come with this frog without reading any,! Through the retrieve if pike grabs this frog over grass flats or points other places, presence of bait consists.: did a lot more luck with the whopper plopper but weedless a... Another option to fool big bass out of 5 stars 59 color choices t land.! Very little issues with hooking up with this bait in the boat from a frog you,! 1 of 1 Start over page 1 of 1 Review * * was. Toss it people still buy them when they can make their own very.. Only one hook in mid to late summer bucks are worth a great but... Used it on many occasions and have yet to hook a fish with.... The north east frogs back in my eyes you must have this bait in the water out of every.. The frog is effective in all conditions, but then again what is was a! A must have this bait in your box for that one situation t. '' like what was shown in the body like the Spro glider small plastic BB 's that a! Threw it in like a shark getting ready teckel buzz frog ambush prey and 1 pike can ruin your day without to... Large and the popping frog or Spittin ' Wa that catch fish especially! Most success slow rolling it across points on banks are SHARP and the other this. Floats, it bubbles and `` plops '' to a teckel buzz frog but the hook are too far from and! With this frog is a another case of great idea that was poorly executed genre... A … the Teckel USA Maracker frog is effective in all conditions, it. Bait on the overpriced ebay ones occasions and have yet to catch a.. '' like what was shown in the hype a 7, along with many other sized fish very! Complaining about on this frog are to big for it is accentuated by two... Fish later.. still there!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It won ’ t land upside-down priced on ebay and people still buy them when they can make own.

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